Ways to Fill-in at the Market

Two ways that YOU can fill in at the Bogert Farmers’ Market:

1) Email Wait List: This List is used when we know in advance that a Full Season Vendor will NOT be at the Market for a particular Tuesday.  We email the Wait List days in advance offering the opportunity to fill in for a particular Tuesday.  This is done as first come first serve.  If you would like to be on the Email Wait List, please email us asking to be added to this list and give us your current email.

2) Market Day Lottery: On Tuesdays, starting at 3:00pm, we start taking names. Each person writes their name and cell # on a piece of paper and puts it in the “lottery basket”. Then, starting at 3:30pm, we draw names from the basket and assign available booths.  You will need to be in attendance at 3:30pm to receive a booth. Please understand that there is no guarantee that all lottery participants will get a booth.  Every day is different and it is dependant on how many people apply for the lottery that day and the number of last minute cancellations we have. (Fill-in booths are all 1/2 size booths – so 5ft wide by 10ft deep.)

Please make sure you have your Vendor Registration Form all filled out and ready to go (which you can download from our web-site). We keep these forms, so you will only need to fill out one form per person per season.

Questions? Please call: 406.539.0216

email: bogertfarmersmarket@gmail.com